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At Montessori of Alameda, we are dedicated to providing your child with a high-quality Montessori education. Our emphasis on creating a custom learning plan for each child is what sets us apart from traditional daycare centers or private schools.

Our experienced, Montessori-certified teachers are dedicated to forming a partnership with your family to ensure that your child is successful and well-prepared for primary school.

At our Portland campus, we offer educational programs and childcare for infants, toddlers, preschool, and kindergarten students.

  • A hands-on, interactive curriculum that allows children to work on the topics that interest them, fostering enthusiasm towards learning.
  • Bright, colorful classrooms filled with age-appropriate materials, toys, and equipment for children to freely explore.
  • Experienced and dedicated teachers who form a partnership with your family to ensure that your child feels supported.
  • Healthy daily meals made by our private chef and served family style.
  • A strong sense of school community and family involvement, with numerous school and community events throughout the year.
  • Safe and secure facility with emergency plans developed by former Secret Service agents.

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