About Our Portland Community

Montessori of Alameda is one of Portland’s top Montessori schools. We offer a genuine Montessori experience for infants, toddlers, and kindergarteners that can be enhanced with an optional bilingual (English and Spanish) program. Located in northeast Portland, we are proud to serve our community with high-quality early childhood education programs.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is one of the country’s most vibrant cities. With a plethora of arts and entertainment, as well as a thriving business community, Portland has something for everyone. Our campus is located in northeast Portland, near the neighborhoods of Concordia and Beaumont-Wilshire.

Portland is home to some of the best restaurants and entertainment options on the West Coast. The Oregon Zoo is a popular spot for families who want to learn about animals from around the world.

Portland, which is nicknamed the “City of Roses,” is also home to one of the largest rose gardens in the United States: The International Rose Test Garden, which contains more than 10,000 rose bushes and 610 different rose varieties.

For those looking to get out of the city and explore the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest, the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is just a short drive and you can enjoy some of the best hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and camping in the country.

In Portland, there is no shortage of activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Montessori of Alameda in Portland, Oregon

As one of the best Montessori schools in Portland, Montessori of Alameda is proud to offer high-quality bilingual Montessori programs for infants, toddlers, and kindergarten-age children. Our staff is experienced and passionate about early childhood education and creates Montessori classrooms that inspire children to learn, socialize, and enjoy a positive learning experience.

We have served the Portland community for many years and strive each day to give children an education that gives them the foundation to help them thrive intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

Directions to and from Montessori of Alameda to Portland International Airport

Directions to Montessori of Alameda from Portland International Airport

Montessori of Alameda is only five miles from Portland International Airport and the drive is about 12 minutes in light to moderate traffic. To get to our campus, take NE Airport Way to NE 82nd Way for about one mile until you get to NE Alderwood Road. Continue for one mile until you get to NE Columbia Boulevard and turn right. Drive down NE Columbia Boulevard for about one mile and then turn left onto NE Going Street. Our campus is on the right and the address is 4210 NE Going St, Portland, Oregon.

Directions to Portland International Airport from Montessori of Alameda

Just five miles away, the airport is a short drive from our campus. Head west on NE Going St toward NE 42nd Avenue and turn left. In 417 feet, turn left onto NE Prescott Street and continue for two miles before turning left onto NE 82nd Avenue. In 0.3 miles, turn right to stay on NE 82nd Ave (and look for signs for Portland International Airport. Continue for about 1.5 miles and use any lane to turn left onto NE Airport Way.