To give you a glimpse of some of the amazing people involved in our schools, here are a few of the many interesting parents who have chosen MOA and MP:

Jeffrey and Sarah Post-Holmberg

Jeffrey Post-Holmberg is a Marriage, Couples, and Family Therapist with a private practice, Two Rivers Counseling. Jeffrey and his wife, Sarah Post-Holmberg, are the Poppa and Momma of Koven Cooper Post-Holmberg. Sarah is an  architect at Opsis Architecture,  where she helps to design awesome libraries and university buildings.

At Two Rivers Counseling, Jeffrey offers professional therapeutic services for four different populations: 1) Coupl es in grief and loss. 2) Families experiencing difficulties. 3) Individuals suffering traumatic experiences. 4) Men of all ages who are making tough life decisions.

Jeffrey believes in listening deeply and carefully to individuals, couples, and families as they tell their stories. He collaboratively works to help Clients identify the changes they wish to make in their lives. From his office at 2080 NW Everett Street, Suite 202, Jeffrey offers office sessions as well as the unique experience of a walk and talk therapy session in Forest Park. Jeffrey invites you to visit his website: if you or someone you know is interested in further exploring the counseling process.

Robert and Irene Sandler

Robert and Irene are the proud parents of Isaac (Pacific NW Room) and Benjamin (Meadow Room). Robert spent five years at Nike as a digital brand manager before starting his own marketing analytics company shortly before the birth of Benjamin.  He’s also an accomplished pickler.  Irene telecommutes to Cisco in the SF Bay Area, where she runs product marketing for two business units in the enterprise video space.  Irene is also an active volunteer with the Northwest Down Syndrome Association, and produced Portland’s first Swap-O-Rama-Rama, back before the kids were born.

Brad & Heidi Kayser

Brixton’s parents, Brad and Heidi Kayser, are happy members of the MOA community.  Brixton is in the Desertland classroom. Brad had a thriving computer repair business, but has since scaled back to part time since the birth of their son.  Now sustainable gardening and green living, an activity he shares with Brixton (2) is his passion and future focus.  Heidi Kayser manages corporate marketing at InFocus Corp. launching products, most recently the BigTouch, a 55-inch touchscreen WIN8 PC – an iteration of the Mondopad product line.  She sets the strategic direction and the corporate communication programs while facilitating implementation.  She is responsible for brand strategies and vertical development in the US market.  Professionally and personally she’s affiliated with PdxSTEM and the Technology Association of Oregon’s non-profit Tech Start, bringing technology and digital literacy to K-12 through education, government, business, and community collaboration work.

Pete and Tina Farrelly (parents of Wilder and Landis)

Pete works for the Oregon Health Authority’s Drinking Water Program as an environmental engineer functioning something like an auditor of drinking water systems.  He reviews plans and treatment technologies in order to protect public health.

Tina recently received her masters in enviromental science at PSU with a focus on wetlands management.  She has years of consulting experience in the field, and she currently works with another good consultant delineating and doing all things wetlands-related.  However, she seeks other (closer) employment in the field.

Other interests we share are movies, ultimate frisbee, climbing, tennis, spirited conversations, and just spirits.