Sarah & Duke Stevenson Harjo

We have been very happy at MOA. Our oldest son thrived there and we loved the teachers so much we transferred our youngest son to MOA as well. The teachers are caring, engaged, nurturing and willing to meet each child where they are at, creating an environment where everyone can be successful!

Sarah & Monte Dalke

We are continually amazed by the peaceful, calm learning environment that MOA teachers are able to make. Our daughter loves MOA and so do we!

Leah Polk

Great summer program! My daughter’s favorite part of Kids on the Go is the daily swim lessons. Shoe moves up a level or two each summer.

Linus Rollman

Our daughter is eager to go to school in the morning and comes home happy in the afternoon, often with projects to share. She loves all her teachers at MOA.

Brook Jarvis

Ms Padmini is very compassionate, approachable and available. Initially the transition into school was difficult for our daughter but Ms Padmini supported and guided Ellie through the challenges and feelsing and she loves school now.

Gavin Button and Valerie Weiss

Our son Grant loved the Kids on the Go program – again – this is his fourth year. Teacher Joe is such an involved and caring leader.

Kate Lee

Our two children have attended MOA from the infant room through the upper ages of the primary classroom. Their teachers have consistently been extraordinary, nurturing, and dedicated individuals who care deeply about our children. Their experience in the classroom has fostered strong academic and social development, healthy independence and a love a learning that will serve them their whole lives. We are extremely grateful for our family’s experience at MOA!

Susan Polk

We love the Kids on the Go summer program! Our daughter gets plenty of exercise, swimming lessons and other fun activities – and it is all done within the Montessori framework. The kids love having their own bus. Five stars!

Patty & Billy Wallace

In January 2009, we started our 16 month-old little boy, Jamarion, at MOA, in the Spanish Emersion Toddler program. At the time we started, we were just looking for a place close to home for him to go and be with children his age and build socialization skills. We had no idea what a wealth of knowledge and skills that he would learn after completing his 4th year, which included Kindergarten, at MOA. When starting at 16 months of age, he was encouraged to wear potty-training underwear and within months, he was completely potty trained. The staff gently coached him to use the bathroom and to learn about cleanliness after using the bathroom. In that same year he was introduced to everyday lessons of life. The teachers and assistants were gentle, patient and kind and worked with each student one-on-one. Some of the learning lessons were manners, how to sit at a table and eat politely, clean up afterwards, wash and put away their plates, how to pour water from a pitcher, how to use pencils, water paints, identify letters and numbers, use brooms, mops, dustpans, counting, sorting, etc…Of course nap time was important. Each child had their own cot and brought their favorite blanket from home to comfort them. That was just the beginning of a wonderful experience at MOA.

The following year, Jamarion was moved up gradually to the Pre-school/Kindergarten program which blended 3-6 year-olds. In this setting, he began to use beautiful objects that were an assortment of teaching and exploring tools. He learned to handle fragile items independently. Montessori believes that children need to learn from their mistakes. If nothing breaks, there is no reason to be careful. The learning materials were special. Jamarion felt that the learning tools were “fun playing games”, which were actually brilliantly designed teaching curriculum. When learning about geography, MOA introduced cooking lessons from around the world which introduced a variety of different tastes from far away.

I want to acknowledge the wonderful dedicated staff at Montessori of Alameda. Each and every one of them has brought a bounty of knowledge, patience and strength to this program. I would encourage you to enroll your child into MOA. It will bring joy and knowledge to your child’s world around him. I might suggest that you watch the following short YouTube video named “Montessori Madness, by Trevor Eissler”. It clearly describes the difference between conventional public education verses Montessori. It can be found by going to:

We will miss MOA as Jamarion moves on to 1st. grade… but we’ll never forget what he learned and experienced during the past 4-1/2 years. (2009-2013)

Colleen Roberts

Teacher Joe from Kids on the Go is patient and kind to the kids. My daughter loves being a part of this community!

Andrea VanHagen

“Miss Patti is kind and supportive to the children, but she also encourages independence and creates opportunities for the children to practice and demonstrate leadership skills. Our son Atticus blossomed in her classroom.”